Work History: Business And Life Personalized Percussion Advisor, and Active Situational Awareness Coaching And Fortune 100 Executive Class Consultant To Investment Bankers, Brokers And Top Sales Executives Both In Country And Offshore Based: In-The-Disruptors-Reality-In-Real-Take-What-You-Want-Games.

Innovation And Education

  1. Developer Of The Ruthless Mentalist Playbook Based In The Gamification Of Your Life And Business and covertly that of your Target.
  2. Creator of The Disruptors-Take-What-You-Want-Game.®
  3. Gamified Investor Relations.
  4. Film Maker and Entertainer.
  5. Author.
  6. Entrepreneurial Mechanisms.
  7. Behaviorist.
  8. Mentalist Mind-Hacking-Tactics.
  9. Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer-Master (NLPM).
  10. Erickson Hypnotist Certified.
  11. Erickson Forensic Linguist Certified.
  12. Dale Carnegie Institute Certified.
  13. Business And Marketing.
  14. Internet Talk Show Host.
  15. Entrepreneur.